About Vision Company

Vision Portal is a software solutions that helps parents to submit their children applications to join one of the service providers contracted with them , start receiving services to their children & get involved with their specialists.


Born from personal experiences

Our family was blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby boy for a relative of ours. However, our joy was short-lived when we discovered that the boy had a disability that left him with special needs. The news was devastating, and we were left to navigate a world that was not equipped to handle the unique needs of our child. We searched for a care center that could provide our son with the support and attention he needed, but we were met with disappointment at every turn. The centers we found were overcrowded, underfunded, and understaffed, leaving us feeling helpless and alone.

As we struggled to find a solution, we knew that something had to change. We couldn't stand the thought of other families going through the same pain and frustration that we had experienced. So, we decided to take action. We founded a startup that aimed to connect disabled children with care service providers centers through a user-friendly platform. The idea was simple but powerful: to bring together families in need with centers that could provide the care and support they needed.


Get to know who are behind Vision

Vision has a long commitment when it comes to giving back to the community of those in need.

Experienced in financial management, IT, and systems analysis for 30+ years with an MBA and diplomas in IT and marketing, I'm a visionary who understands the unique needs of parents with special needs children and provides tailored solutions to their challenges.

Ramy Mosaad Othman

Founder & CEO​

Financial and administrative advisor to a group of major companies. 30 years of experience in setting financial policies and administrative structures. I supported the idea financially

Mohamed Qassem


2005 Graduated from the faculty of engineering , MBA certified from Georgia university, worked as planning engineer for 4 years in fertilisers industry, leading the Supply chain department for Speed Ahmed Hassan. I got excited about the idea and said I would market it

Khlaed Mosaad Othman

Founder & Marketing Director​

MBA holder in Financial Management with more than 20 years in corporate life and held several managerial positions in multinationals. Besides her +20 years of experience she got certified and qualified internationally in fields such Stress Management, psychology, positive psychology, self-improvement, emotions healing, meditation and alternative healing methods. When it comes to the Communications and Wellbeing you will see me a lot.

Mariam Mohiy Emara

Founder & Chief PR Manager​​

10 years expertise in financial management & quality assurance in handicapped rehabilitation institutions,, holds MBA, MQM and certified as Lead auditor ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. I have experience in managing centers for people of determination, and I will promote the idea

Manar Mosaad Assal

Area Sales Manager​

Marketing executive at VISION. Graduate Teaching Assistant at AUC. I market for VISION PLatform on social media!

Zaina Mohamed Qassem

Founder & VP Marketing​​

10 Years Exprince Back End Developer and business Analyst responsible Secuirty and data In Vision

Samir Ayiad

Backend Architect​


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